Basic microbiology biochemical tests list (Gram stain, ZN stain, Catalase, coagulase)

Catalase Test

Catalase test is important for the identification of Staphylococcus aureus in microbiology.

Catalase synthesized by some bacteria acts as a catalyst in the breakdown of Hydrogen peroxide (3% H2O2) results in the production of Oxygen gas (O2) and water (H2O).

what are the basic microbiology biochemical test list

Here are basic microbiology lab techniques which are used on daily basis. In this field, we study basic things of the micro world. This field covers all kinds of micro livings bacteria, fungus, viruses, parasites. 

In this field, you will learn different tests for the diagnosis of microorganisms. microbiology test list includes.

  1. Gram Stain
  2. Ziehl–Nielsen
  3. Albert stain
  4. Spore stain
  5. Giemsa Stain
  6. Mcfadyean Stain 
  7. Culture and sensitivity
  8. Biochemical testing
  9. Serology testing for syphilis
  10. CSF (cerebrospinal fluid )culture and sensitivity
  11. Urine culture and sensitivity
  12. Optochin Sensitivity Test
  13. Nitrate Reduction test 
  14. Hydrogen Sulphide test
  15. PPD skin test 
  16. Leishman stain
  17. H and E stain
  18. Bile solubility test

Classification of Bacteria on the base of Morphology