What is clinical pathology laboratories over view?


The urinalysis test is important because it provides important information about the patient’s health. urine test is a valuable index for normal and pathological mechanisms. Many characteristics and components of it are unstable therefore urinalysis should be done within thirty mint (30) after collection.

Stool Examination

Stool examination methods are important for patient diagnosis. It is consists of undigested food, dead bacteria, and mucosa. Feces ( stool ) also contain excretory substances which excreted from bile into the intestine. The gut is the most contaminated viscera in the body

Antiseptic and Disinfectant

Disinfectants are chemicals to kill the vegetative form of bacteria, viruses, fungi. It eliminates microorganisms by distracting their lipid, protein, and nucleic acid.


Autoclave definition is a clinical laboratory instrument that is used for the sterilization process. It (Autoclave) generates steam above100 C temperature.There are three types of the autoclave. In the autoclave, steam passes through a cooler load result in the synthesis of heat with moistur.