There are about seven different kinds of skin allergies in human. It is the response of our body to an external substance that is harmful to the body. These foreign substances are called allergens.


Different types of skin allergies

They may be some types of food, drugs, pollen, or animal-sucking animal. The role of our immune system is to keep us healthy by fighting off a harmful allergen.

Allergy basically has six to seven types.

  1. Drugs Allergy
  2. Insect Allergy
  3. Food allergy
  4. Latex Allergy
  5. Mold Allergy
  6. Pet allergy
  7. Pollen Allergy

Drug Allergy

This type of allergy associated with drugs. To infect it is not an allergy, it is caused by the reaction of some drugs to some patients. This kind of allergy can diagnose by the patient’s history or some kind of skin test also performed.

Food Allergy

This form of allergy is associate with some kind of food. There is a différance between IgE mediated and non-IgE mediated allergy and food intolerance.

Insect Allergy

This kind of allergy caused by the Bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and fire ants. These are the most common stinging insects that cause an allergic reaction in our bodies.

But on the other hand, Non-stinging insects can also cause allergic reactions. The most common are cockroaches and the insect-like dust mite. Year-round allergy and asthma are caused by these two insects.

Latex Allergy

It is an allergic reaction to latex rubber. Balloon, latex gloves, and other rubber products contain latex which causes allergy. This kind of allergy can be dangerous for health.

 Mold allergy

It links to fungus.  Fungi like mold and mildew are common causes of it. fungi grow in so many places, both indoors and outdoors, therefore allergic reactions can occur around the year.

   Pet Allergy

Most of us fond of pets. Therefore, allergies to pets with their fur are common. It is important to know that an allergy-free (hypoallergenic) breed of dog or cat is rare.

Pollen Allergy

Pollen allergy. it is the most common form of allergy during the spring session. It is one of the most common triggers of seasonal allergies. Many people know pollen allergy as “hay fever“.

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