Most of us use distilled water in daily life. But sometimes we need deionized water for kind of purpose. Therefore many of us have a question and want to know “distilled vs deionized water”.

Here you will learn everything meaning of deionized water, difference between distilled and deionized water and can i use distilled water instead of deionized water.

What is the meaning of deionized water?

Deionized water came after deionization procedure. Deionizer is a machine that remove all ionic impurities from the water.

During deionization procedure raw water passes through columns packed with ion-exchange resing. These resins contain both positively-charged and negatively-charged radicals, which absorb opposite ions from the water flowing past the resin.

There are two types of resins: anion exchange resins which attract anions (or positively-charged ions) and cation exchange resins which attach cations (negatively-charged ions) by electrostatic force.

What is distilled water?

Distilled water which obtain by distillations procedure. Water stills is used for this purpose. distilled water is not only sterile but it is also free from all contaminants.

Note. Volatile impurities are present in distilled water e.g organic chemical, bacteria, ethanol etc.

Water stills and their types

There are two types of water stills.

  • Metallica or stainless steel water stills
  • All glass water stills

Precaution and maintenance of water stills

Following are the precautions

  1. Periodic cleaning is required to remove deposits in the heating chamber.
  2. Heating chambers should not be left filled with water when not in use.
  3. The quality of the distilled water produces should be checked periodically to ensure that high-quality water is being prepared.

Limitations of water stiller

  • Only non-volatile substances are removed from the water by the process of distillation
  • Non-volatile substances left in the heating chamber.
  • to the boiling and agitation of water, some raw water may spill over into the condenser and contaminants distilled Water.

What is the Quality of Distilled water ?

  1. Distilled water is colourless, sterile, free from non-volatile impurities and safe for reagent preparation
  2. The quality can further be improved by re-distilling the distilled water once (double-distilled water) or twice (triple-distilled water).
  3. This can be achieved either in step-wise manner or by attaching two or three stills in a row. In the latter case, water from one still’s condenser is directly collected into the heating chamber of the next still, in sequence

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