Medical Laboratory Equipment List and their uses

Laboratory contain small to big and cheap to most expensive equipment. List of laboratory eqipments and the uses of that particular equipments are here.


Microscope is included on the top of list in Medical Laboratory Equipment. Microscope is uses an optical instrument which is used for viewing very small things such as bacteria or fuungi, from different samples like blood or urine. It magnified the image of object from several hundred times.

Lab Centrifuge

Laboratory centrifuge machine used to seprate particales on the base of denstigrediens, shapes, size, rotor speed and vescosity of medium. The particals which need to separate are placeed in the centrifuge tube. 

Then tube is placed in centrifuge machine, machin spun at spacific speed for spacific time.

Water Bath

Waterbath is one of the important laboratory instrument.Main featur of it is to maintain uniform temperature through out the fluid, which filled in the tube


Laboratory Oven

The laboratory oven oven is also one of the important laboratory instrument.It is used create high temperatur in limited space. This instrument can be fully automated and semi automated.


Lab Incubator

Laboratory incubator is a insulated laboratory instrument. It is used to create the temperatur , Humadity, Oxygen at required limit in its limited space. It is used to culture bacteria in the clinical laboratory.