Medical technologist hematology job description

A Medical Technologist Hematology performs different kinds of tests, on blood, urine, stool examination, Ā studies the morphology of blood components like RBC, WBC, Platelets, and performs coagulation tests like PT, APTTĀ  to assist the diagnosis and treatment of various disease like malaria, TB, COVID-19-19 and more.

Medical technologist job description includes. He/she should perform all kinds of clinical tests in the hematology section. Technical procedures for counting and identification of blood cells. Being a Medical Technologist Hematologist checks the accuracy of findings and takes an appropriate plan to make corrections of problems.

Another responsibility of a MedicalĀ  Lab technologist is to operate, cleans, and maintains laboratory equipment used in test analysis. Additionally, Medical Technologist Hematology should have a full grasp on Quality Control (QC) hematology.


Qualifications Of Medical technologist Hematology

  • Bachelorā€™s Degree in Medical Technology (MLT) or a related field; ASCP certification or equivalent preferred.

Medical Technologist CourseĀ 

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