which foods to avoid with high blood sugar

About 4.2 million deaths are caused by diabetes in the world. It consumes about $ 760 billion dollars in health expenses. Here is the list of important foods items that directly link to raising blood sugar levels. So diabetic patients should know such food items and avoid them in their daily life. Generally, food that contains sugar/ … Read more

clinical laboratory science review a bottom-line approach PDF

Clinical Laboratory review a bottom line approach PDF Clinical Laboratory bottom-line-approach PDF book contains all lab tests. In the medical lab, the technologist read more books like microbiology, Hematology, Immunology, Histopathology, and basic instruments like Microscope, ELISA, Polymerase Chain Reaction. This clinical lab review will increase your knowledge about the clinical lab in a quick … Read more

what is the difference between biotechnology vs medical lab technology

The main difference between biotechnology vs medical lab technology Biotechnology word consist of two words, Bio means Life, Technology means process. Biotechnology vs medical lab technology also mean biotech process the living things such as bacteria, fungus, animals, or human being to synthesis a product such as penicillin or other medicine for the treatment of … Read more

best biochemistry textbook

Biochemistry textbook PDF download In this IS best biochemistry textbook book, the reader will understand Biochemistry test procedures, their result, and interpretation. You will come to know diabetes, types of diabetes, SGP Test, and more.   Clinical laboratory manual Microbiology Text Book PDF

medical lab technician salary

             Latest update Medical lab technician salary 2021  Medical lab technician salary varies from country to country. It also differs on the basis of lab technologist experience.  if we consider the average salary of medical lab technologists 80,000 Rupees in Pakistan with a 25,000 rupees allowance.  The lab technician’s salary matter on … Read more

type 2 diabetes symptoms in women


What is the cause of Diabetes Mellitus type 2 Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease of humans. Diabetes disease directly linked to insulin production. now we have a question, what are the cause of diabetes? As we know insulin directly controls the sugar in the body. when the insulin suppresses in the body, sugar tends … Read more

lab technician jobs in Saudi Arabia latest

medical lab technology latest jobs 2021 madi bahouddin jobs phalia hospital

Full Time position Listed on 2020-09-13 Job specializations:  Medical Technologist  Description & How to Apply Below Position: Supervisor – Medical Laboratory (Molecular Diagnostics) Job Benefits 1.    Tax-Free income 2.    Married-Status or Single-Status contract 3.    Fully Furnished Accommodations provided 4.    Medical coverage 5.    More than 7 calendar weeks of vacation 6.    Annual Air Transportation  Requirements Ø  Bachelor’s degree … Read more

5 tips to help your kids how to mask during COVID-19


 These 5 tips will help your kids  HOW to mask during the COVID-19 pandemic Cloth face coverings can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but will kids wear one? As COVID-19 or Coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, it’s important to take these steps to stay healthy, like washing hands and keeping social distance. … Read more

Phlebotomist job in Dubai

    Phlebotomist – Rashid Hospital   Job Description: Receives the order and specimens . Creates test orders from non DHA out-patients. Collected and label the specimens, blood unit and ensure their dispatch to relevant laboratory section. To be aware of  various types of anticoagulant used for different tests in Hematology and Chemistry section.   … Read more