How to Preserve and Extend the Life of Your Sclera Contact Lenses

Individuals who participate in physically demanding or sports activities, and especially for those who use
sclera contact lenses, need the capacity to see clearly. Triathletes, in particular, should be mindful of
this, as should all athletes in general. If you want to perform well while wearing contact lenses, you must
have great vision. This is especially true if you engage in sports or other activities while wearing contact

In accordance with statistical data accumulated over time, individuals who suffer from visual
impairments are more prone than the general population to wear prescription eyeglasses
recommended by an optometrist to remedy their vision issues. When participating in high-intensity
activities, it becomes more difficult to wear glasses as a result of the pressure produced on the eyes and
strain placed on them. Since it has grown more widespread, the providing of contact information has
benefited many different types of people.

Companies claim that sclera contact lenses provide a variety of benefits over glasses, including the
ability to enhance vision in certain settings. Also beneficial for high-intensity sports is the fact that it
eliminates the distracting features that can occur when wearing eyeglasses while working out. If you use
contact lenses, maintaining good condition is more difficult than maintaining excellent condition with a
pair of spectacles, as an illustration of how tough it is.

Wearing Sclera Contact Lenses The Right Way

Putting on a soft contact lens seems to be difficult at first, but afterward handling contact lenses
becomes less difficult to put on. In general, washing your hands thoroughly before handling contact
lenses is considered to be a good practice. The index and middle fingers, as well as the thumb, should be
used to apply soft contact lenses once they have been taken out of the contact lens container. It is much
simpler to prepare your eyes for the lenses to be placed on them if you make use of the lens cleaning
solution that you ordered. It is vital to clean the eyes on a regular basis in order to avoid infections and
to remove dust and debris from the eye socket.
Continue to wipe the lens with the index or middle finger while extending your upper and lower eyelids
upwards and downwards with the assistance of your hands in order to maintain them clean.

Additionally, while looking upwards or forwards, gently place the lens over your eyes to prevent them
from being injured. Another option is to place the lens on the white area and then blink your eyes to
give the appearance that the lens is in focus, but this is not recommended. For their part, soft lenses are
able to adjust themselves to the right position over your cornea when you move your eyes around. The
first few times you use it, you may suffer some discomfort and redness in your eyes; nevertheless, you
should notice that your eyes have gotten used to it within a few seconds after the initial use.

How to Remove Contact Lenses Correctly?

Sclera contact lenses removal is such an easy and simple technique that the overwhelming majority of
cases just need a few minutes of your time. It is recommended that you extend your eyelids in the same

way as you would if your eyes were not covered by contact lenses in order to get the greatest outcomes
when using contact lenses.
It is necessary to extract the lens from the white section of your eye lenses by squeezing it between the
index and middle fingers of your hands. To remove the lens from your eye, continue to use your thumb
and index finger to remove the lens until the lens has been completely removed. Keep your nails as
short as possible while you’re learning how to properly remove and wear them.

How To Clean Contact Lenses Like A Pro?

When the lens has been taken from the lens’s container, it is critical that it be carefully conserved in
order to guarantee that it continues to function for the longest period of time possible. When a lens is
not in use, it should be stored in its original lens case to ensure its safety and security. Even if you
choose not to wear glasses on a daily basis and instead want to use contacts, you must clean your
contacts every night in order to keep them in perfect condition for the following day. When it comes to
remaining healthy, it is essential that you wear glasses on a regular basis (unless you use daily disposable
A hand-held lens cleaning solution and wiping the lens clean until it is fully clean and free of grime will
ensure that the lens has been thoroughly cleaned and is free of contaminants. It may take several
minutes; it is very required for a comprehensive and thorough cleaning to be done properly. Cleaning
your lens with a new cleaning solution after each use is critical if you want to get the best possible
outcomes from your lens.
Furthermore, by following these guidelines, you will be able to maintain your sclera contact lenses clean
and free of debris, allowing you to extend the life of your contact lenses even further. To avoid the
spread of infection while using contact lenses, it is recommended that you replace your lens case every
6-8 months.

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