5 main risk factors for type 2 diabetes mellitius

Diabetes Mellitus main disease associates with sugar in the blood. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) caused due to decreased amount of insulin in the blood. Diabetes mellitus also causes due to resistance to the receptor of insulin in the body.

what causes type 2 diabetes

Sugar is the most important carbohydrate for the body. Our body uses carbohydrates in sugar form. Most of our dietary carbohydrates absorbed in the blood as sugar form. This sugar in the blood regulated by the insulin hormone. This hormone is synthesized by the pancreas gland

5 risk factors for type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

  1. Overage ( most of the case Above 50 years )
  2. Impaired Insulin secretion by the pancreas gland.
  3. Insulin resistance by the body.
  4. Overweight or under-activity. 
  5. Family history

What is DM (Diabetes Mellitus) ?

DM is used as a short-term for DIABETES MELLITUS. It is a hormonal disease. DM occurs as insulin concentration decrease in the body. 

What is dm2?

DM2 or dm2 is used for diabetes Mellitus type 2. DM2 mainly occurs in aged and overweight men or women. In this dm2 disease, insulin quantity decreases,s or the patient’s body receptor becomes resistant to insulin action.

what is the cause of dm2? 

Following are the causes of dm2.
  • Overage
  • family history
  • Medication
  • laziness 

Diabetes Quizlet.

1) ‘’Diabetes’’ word drive from, which language ………!
a. Greek b. Latin c.Both
2) Diabetes mean
a. Honey b. Siphon c. Sugar

3) Mellitus wordorigin from …. Language?
a. Latin b. Greek c. Urdu d. English

4) Mellitus word mean ………
a.Siphon b. Honey c.Sugar

5) An old man came to the lab with symptoms of weight loss, polyuria, and blurred vision. Which you perform for their diagnosis?

a.Liver Function Test b.Renal Function Test
c.CBC.Plasma glucose estimation

6) Type 1 diabetes can be ……………!
a. Immune-mediated b. Idiopathic
c.A genetic defect in insulin action d.A and B

7)   A child with the age of 5 years came to your lab. You perform the test and found Insulin deficiency. Which type of diabetes did you get it?

      a.Type1b. Type 2
      c.Gestational diabetes (GDM)d. None of all

8) In the laboratory you found Random Blood sugar (RBS) Of a Patient roundabout
     140-200 mg/dl. What will you interpret by this result?
a.Normal b.Diabetic Patients
c. Impaired Glucose Tolerance d. B and C

9)In the lab a Female Patient age >25 years old came with a request form. An oral Glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is requested. How much you glucose load to that patient.
      The patient’s weight is 40KG.

A.65 Gramb. 70-gram
c. 75-gram d. 80 gram

10) Diagnostic Criteria of Diabetic Patient is.
a.Fasting Glucose >7.0mmol/dl b. Random Glucose > 11.1 mmol/dl
c. HbA1c > 6.5%d. All

11.) which of the following statements about insulin is true 
     a. It synthesized by the pancreas b.  It decreases in hyperglycemia
12.) which of the following statements about insulin is false
     a. Insulin resistance in type 2 DB.   b. It directly links to glycogen level c. It secreted by the liver
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Answer KEY:1.A2.B3.A
                                                      10.A  11. a    12. c

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