5 alternative careers for medical laboratory technologists

Alternative careers for medical lab technologist is important to question for all lab scientists. After completion of the degree, a life dream comes closer to reality. It worth noting that your mlt/DMLT degree has also prepared you for careers beyond the laboratory.

You could be in the laboratory with Laboratory white coats and gloves in your hands, holding a trusted pipette, test tubes, and microscopes day in and day out.


Medical lab tech performs different lab tests to diagnose and prevention of disease. A professional lab technologist has acquired a degree in MLT (MEDICAL LAB TECHNOLOGY). He is an expert in the diagnosis of biochemical and blood tests, interpreting, evaluating test results. There are some alternative careers for lab technologist

  1. Bio-Technologist
  2. Quality assurance officer
  3. Medical Researcher
  4. Medical copywriter
  5. Pathologist Assistant
  6. Medical lab technologist Assistant

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