A centrifuge is a laboratory device that is used for the separation of fluids, gas, or liquid. It separates all these on the basis of their density variation.

Separation is obtained by rotating a vessel containing material at high speed, which creates the centrifugal force which separates liquids gases on the base of density gradients result in the pushing of heavier materials to the outside of the vessel and light material collect in the center.  

5 applications of laboratory centrifuge

5 applications or uses of laboratory centrifuge

  1. Removes cellular elements from blood to provide cell-free plasma for analysis.
  2. This is used to concentrates the elements and other elements of biological fluid for microscopic examination.
  3. Protein-bound or antibody-bound legend from a free legend in immunochemical assays separated by it. 
  4. The centrifuge used in the Chemistry, hematology lab for serum separation.
  5. It is used in the cytology lab for cytology sample separation.  

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