Clinical laboratory science: Complete Guide

Clinical Laboratory Science is a branch of medical science. In this field, professional lab Technologists produced at the end of the profession. A professional man is called a laboratory technologist or lab Scientist.

 After completion of a BSc (Hons)  in the field of clinical laboratory science. A professional lab technologist is an expert in his field. Some universities are conducting MLT, DMLT for the lab technology.


Medical lab technologist performs all kinds of tests including Liver function test, Renal function test, Hemoglobin estimation, Bleeding Time, Clotting Time, special chemistry like Hormone Thyroid Hormone, Folic Hormone, Pituitary Hormone, and many other tests on blood, urine, Body fluid Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Peritoneal Fluid samples like blood, serum, other body fluids, and stool. lab investigations of patients directly link to medical lab technologist.

What are the duties in clinical lab SCIENCE?


Ø      Clinical laboratory Science is to provide professional advice on the management of patients.

Ø      Hospital laboratory is to arrange for lab investigation.

Ø   Hospital laboratory also used to monitor individual patients.

Ø     Hospital lab function is to collaborate in the development.

Ø Clinical lab used to study and control of the new method of treatment. 

Ø Clinical lab science used to undertake applied research on pathology-related problems.

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