Clinical microbiology final exam quizlet Chapter 5-6

clinical microbiology final exam quiz let Chapter 5-6

Here is the most important Quizlet of the microbiology final exam for medical students to refresh their knowledge. Chose the gram-positive bacteria. a. Neisseria, b. Klebsiella, c. Clostridium Free-living, Thick wall, cause abscess of skin. Characteristics of.  a. Streptococcus b. Staphylococcus c.  Bacillus Extracellular bacteria, thick wall, spore-forming aerobe Characteristics of. a. Clostridium b. Corynebacterium … Read more

Basic microbiology MCQs with answers CH # 3,4 (flashcard)

general microbiology mcqs chapter 3, 4

1. Bacteria grow by …….. Process. a. Binary fission b. Budding   2. Time at which one cell gives rise to two progeny cells is called… a. exponential growth b. logarithmic growth  c. both 3.  Exponential growth of e.coli is. a. 20 mints b. 1-hour c. 45 mints 4. In the LAG phase. Which …….. activity … Read more

Medical microbiology MCQs questions answer CH # 1+2

microbiology mcqs chapter 1, 2

1:  which of the following is none cellular organism?   a. Bacteria b. Virus 2.  Bacteria belong to…. cell            a. Prokaryotic b. Eukaryotic           3. Which organism lacks a nucleus? a. Bacteria   b. virus   4. Which of the organisms lack mitochondria? A. bacteria b. virus     c. both 5. Cell wall made up of chitin..    a. virus … Read more

mcqs in medical laboratory technology advantage of using dry media is __________________ a.its ability to be erased and/or corrected. b.its durability throughout the years. c.the high cost of materials used. d.the permanency.   .17. when performing the antioxidant lab, you will test the ability of substances to inhibit the______________ of nitro blue tetrazolium (nbt)? 16. A lab technician … Read more

free mlt practice test question answer

  1. Glass material used to measure urine volumes of 24 hours: A. Volumetric Flask B. Beaker C. Erlenmeyer cylinder D. graduate cylinder I. Safety bulb Answer: D) Graduate cylinder 2. Glassware used for making 100 ml of 12% solution: A. Volumetric Flask B. Beaker C. Erlenmeyer cylinder D. graduate cylinder I. Safety bulb Answer: … Read more

multiple choice questions on parasitology

multiple choice questions on parasitology

 Multiple choice questions on parasitology (Parasitology mcqs) 1) Protozoa has ……….classes. a. Two b. Three c. Four 2) which of the following is Intestinal parasites. a. Entamoeba b. Naegleriac. Acanthamoeba 3) Plasmodium is the Species of …….. a. Sarcodina b. Sporozoac. Ciliates 4) which of the Cestod causes Hydrated cyst? a. Taeniab. Echinococcusc. Schistosoma 5) … Read more

555 Latest medical lab technician exam questions and answers pdf

MEDICAL LAB TECHNICIAN EXAM QUESTION AND ANSWER PDF 1. which organ is responsible for urea synthesis?                   a. Kinney b. liver       c. brain 2. which fluid plays an important role in the excretion of waste from the brain? a. Cerebrospinal Fluid    b. Peritoneal Fluid 3. … Read more