About 4.2 million deaths are caused by diabetes in the world. It consumes about $ 760 billion dollars in health expenses. Here is the list of important foods items that directly link to raising blood sugar levels.

So diabetic patients should know such food items and avoid them in their daily life. Generally, food that contains sugar/ sucrose raises blood sugar. Sugar can, honey is at the top of the list in such food.

what food causes diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease. It is directly linked to insulin production. Insulin (Is a hormone, which secreted by the Pancreas gland) triggers sugar use by the body. In this way, sugar levels decrease with rising in insulin concentration in the body.

Hence, insulin directly involves in the sugar control mechanism. Some food items also involve in rising the sugar level. therefore, the diabetic patient should avoid them.

foods to avoid with high blood sugar

List of 6 food items which rise blood sugar

  1. White bread, rice, and pasta
  2. Dried fruits like dates
  3. Honey, agave nectar
  4. Cold Drinks
  5. Sweetened breakfast
  6. Sugar-sweetened beverages

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