Here’s the top 7 Methods of how to avoid pregnancy naturally.

  • Breastfeeding (Lactational Amenorrhea Method): Exclusive breastfeeding can suppress ovulation. However, its effectiveness declines as breastfeeding frequency decreases.
  • Fertility Awareness Method (FAM): Monitor menstrual cycles, track basal body temperature, and observe cervical mucus changes to identify fertile days. Avoid intercourse during the fertile window.
  • Calendar Method: Determine fertile days by tracking menstrual cycles over several months. Avoid intercourse during the fertile period, typically around ovulation.
  • Withdrawal Method (Pulling Out): Involves the man withdrawing before ejaculation. It is less effective than other methods and may not fully prevent pregnancy or protect against STIs.
  • Cervical Cap/Diaphragm: Barrier methods that cover the cervix, preventing sperm from reaching the egg. They are less effective than hormonal methods and require proper placement.
  • Herbal Methods: Some herbs, like chaste tree and Queen Anne’s lace, are believed to affect fertility. However, scientific evidence is limited, and their efficacy is uncertain.
  • Natural Family Planning (NFP): Combines various fertility awareness methods to predict fertile days. Requires commitment, accurate tracking, and abstinence during fertile periods.

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