male fertility test

What is a male fertility test?

A male fertility test is used to check the fertility of a male. Infertility can be in males or females. Therefore this test is necessary for confirmation.

In the case of infertility of the male, the male becomes unable to pregnant with his partner (female) after one year of marriage or even more time.


How to check male fertility is an important question. The semen Test is important in this regard. For this test (Semen Test) you need these things. Here is the answer to “how to eject sperm for test”

  • Clean, dry, wide-open-mouth plastic jar used for semen collection. The container or jar lid must not be rubber-lined.
  • The specimen should be collected in the morning, to allow sufficient time for its analysis.
  • Masturbation is the ideal method for the production of specimens (semen).
  • The specimen should be transported to a laboratory within one hour, after collection.

Physical Examination of semen 

  • Note the volume, color, and appearance of the specimen. Normally semen looks like jell, but after 5 to 20 minutes, it liquefied.
  • If semen is not liquefied. You should make the specimen liquefied before adding add 6 to 8 drops of alpha-amylase.
  • The next step is to check the viscosity. It was checked by dropping the drop of semen from a ten-centimeter log tube containing 0.1 ml. The time taken to form a drop and leave is measured. This is viscosity time.

Sperm count test at home

Sperm can be counted at home if you have the facility. First, you should collect the specimen in a clean jar. After collection, you should follow all these steps.

Visual Assessment of semen:

Place a drop of the specimen on a clean slide. After this, place this slid on a light microscope for visual examination.

Dilution :

If the specimen needs dilution, 3.5% buffered formal saline should be added. Five ml of gentian solution violet stain can be added to stain the sperm.

Normal Sperm Count to get Pregnant

Normal Sperm Count to get Pregnant is

Volume 1 – 10 ml
PH7 -8
Sperm Count60-150 million/ml
Motility Score>150
Morphology>70% Normal

There are some other factors which are also important .

  • Sperm number,
  • morphology,
  • motility

Motility is an important factor as a number of sperm.  If the sperm count is normal but motility is less than 150 then there will be less chance of getting pregnant. In aspermia (No ejaculation of sperm) zero percentage of pregnancy. Oligospermia ( Reduction in sperm count) has more chance as compare to aspermic condition.

Morphology is also a key factor. If sperm is is abnormal in shape then it will only 10%  chance of pregnancy.

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