MCV calculation formula , equation (mean corpuscular volume) low

MCV (mean corpuscular volume) is an important blood test in the hematology section of the morphological classification of anemia.

Sometimes MCV high blood test but it can be decreased. This variation in MCV depends on many factors.

MCV or mean corpuscular volume blood test directly link to red blood cells SIZE. When red blood cells size increases MCV increases, while when RBC size decreases mean corpuscular volume decreases.

MCV ( mean corpuscular volume) calculating formula

We can calculate the mean corpuscular volume of red blood cells by following the formula. if we know the hematocrit of RBC and TRBC count.

MCV (mean corpuscular volume) (fl) = HCT (L/L) / TRBC (1012) *1000

MCV calculation formula , equation (mean corpuscular volume) low
mcv blood test formula
  1. HCT= Hematocrit
  2. TRBC= Total red blood cells count (1012 )

When MCV high blood test?

MCV or mean corpuscular volume is directly proportional to hematocrit and inversely with red blood cell count. When HCT increases MCV will increase, when hematocrit decrease, the mean corpuscular volume of red blood cells decreases.

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When TRBC count increases, it will decrease in MCV range.

What is normal range of MCV (mean carpuscal volume) and in microcytic , macrocytic anemia?

Normal range of MCV = 80- 100 fl

Microcytic anemia mcv = less than 80 fl

Macrocytic anemia mcv range = more than 100 fl

Low MCV blood test mean?

When MCV is low, it means red blood cells size decrease. It occurs in the microcytic anemia. It mostly occurs in anemic patients.

What is an MCV blood test?

MCV blood test is an important lab test in a hematology laboratory. With the help of an MCV blood test, doctors easily differentiate the morphological classification of anemia inpatient.

How to calculate MCV (mean corpuscular volume)?

we can calculate mcv , if we know two things.

  1. Hematocrit of patients
  2. Total red blood cells count

When does MCV raises in the blood?

Following are the main factors, which increase MCV in the blood.

  1. Increase in pack cell volume (PCV)
  2. Decrease in red blood cells count (TRBC count)
  3. Macrocytic anemia (magaloblastic anemia)
  4. Folic acid deficiency
  5. Vit-B12 deficiaency

When MCV decrease in the blood?

These factors decrease mean corpuscular volume in the blood.

  1. Decrease in the size red blood cells (microcytic anemia)
  2. Total red blood cells increase in number.
  3. Blood loss

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