Latest update Medical lab technician salary 2021

 Medical lab technician salary varies from country to country. It also differs on the basis of lab technologist experience.  if we consider the average salary of medical lab technologists 80,000 Rupees in Pakistan with a 25,000 rupees allowance. 

The lab technician’s salary matter on the workload of their departments.  If he/she is working in well reputation departments or famous laboratory such as Augh Khan Laboratory in Pakistan, it salary of the lab technician may increase up to 100,000 per month

Medical Lab technologist Salary in Dubai

It depends on departments and on the different lab but most important your Experience matter too. More experience more the salary.

Average salary medical lab tech salary about 14500 AED per month

Medical lab technician pay in the USA


The average medical lab scientist salary in the United State Of America is about $60,000 per year.

Which are $165 per day. Entry-level salary started at $28000 per year. While most experience 

Can take salary up to $1,00000 per year.

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