Blood culture procedure, bottles

Performing a blood culture is a critical diagnostic procedure used to identify the presence of microorganisms, such as bacteria or fungi, in the bloodstream.

Material needed for blood culture

  • Sterile blood culture bottles (aerobic and anaerobic)
  • Antiseptic solution (e.g., chlorhexidine or povidone-iodine)
  • Sterile gloves
  • Skin preparation kit (containing sterile towels, drapes, and adhesive dressing)
  • Blood culture collection set with a butterfly needle
  • A syringe or vacuum collection system
  • Bandages

Blood culture procedure steps

  • Gather all necessary materials including culture bottles, bandages, and antiseptic solution.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and wear sterile gloves.
  • Place the patient in a comfortable and appropriate position.
  • Select the appropriate venipuncture site, typically the antecubital fossa.
  • Cleanse the site using an antiseptic solution, starting from the center and moving outward in a circular motion. Allow the site to air dry.
  • Perform venipuncture using a sterile technique.
  • Fill the aerobic blood culture bottle first and then the anaerobic bottle if required. ( Invert the bottles several times to mix the blood with the culture medium) .
  • Label each blood culture bottle with the patient’s name, date, and time of collection.
  • Apply a sterile adhesive dressing over the venipuncture site.
  • Place the labeled blood culture bottles in a biohazard bag for transport to the microbiology laboratory and ensure delivery of the culture bottles on time.
  1. why did we need blood culture

    Blood cultures are essential diagnostic tests used to detect the presence of bacteria or fungi in the bloodstream. This helps identify and diagnose systemic infections, guiding appropriate treatment and preventing the spread of infections to other parts of the body.

  2. which blood culture is drawn first

    Fill the aerobic blood culture bottle first and then the anaerobic bottle

  3. what color tube is used for blood culture

    The color of the tube used for blood culture is typically yellow. This color indicates that the tube contains a culture medium suitable for supporting the growth of microorganisms present in the blood.

  4. what is the required specimen amount when collecting a blood culture on an infant?

    Mostly 1-3 milliliters of blood is required for each aerobic and anaerobic blood culture bottle from an infant. Each lab follow the guideline of botlles manufacures.

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