Cytology cell block preparation procedure steps

cytology cell block preparation procedure steps

A cytology cell block is an important procedure. Block can be prepared from the FNA aspirant or other body fluids like peritoneal, cerebrospinal fluid others. Cell block preparation procedure steps in the cytology The followings are the cell block preparation steps in the cytology lab. The aspirated material from the syringe is rinsed thoroughly with … Read more

Fine needle aspiration biopsy procedure thyroid cytology (fnac), complications

Fine needle aspiration test (FNA) principle, procedure, complication cytology

Fine needle aspiration cytology procedure or FNAc it is an inexpensive but important technique in the cytology laboratory. It is a rapid method of assessing the lesions and masses in the body. Fine needle aspiration is a type of aspiration by which a fine needle is inserted and used to collect the sample from superficial … Read more