Cytology cell block preparation procedure steps cytology

A cytology cell block is an important procedure. Block can be prepared from the FNA aspirant or other body fluids like peritoneal, and cerebrospinal fluid.

Cell block preparation procedure steps in the cytology

The following are the cell block preparation steps in the cytology lab.

  1. The aspirated material from the syringe is rinsed thoroughly with normal saline.
  2. After thoroughly rinsing, centrifuge it.
  3. After centrifugation, remove the supernatant.
  4. Sediment and Human plasma and thrombo-plastin suspension made in normal saline with an equal quantity. (three drops of each).
  5. Now place it for clot formation.
  6. When a clot is formed, it is placed in a fixative (10% formalin ) for fixation. After fixation, it will be dealt with like other tissue processing procedures in histopathology.

After processing, routine stain (H&E stain), special stain, and even immuno-histochemistry can be performed on the section prepared from the cell block. 

Which kind of fixative is used in cell blocks?

10 % formalin is used as a fixative in cell block preparation.

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