microbiology test bank (quiz microbiologia)

microbiology test bank

Here are important microbiology MCQs and answer key 

1) Gram-positive bacteria attain……..color in Gram staining?
a. Purple      b. pink c. red
2) Gram-negative bacteria stained as……….. in Gram stain.
A. blue b. pink c. purple
3) Prokaryotes differ from Eukaryotic by……….
a. binary fission b. mitosis   c. both
4) Morphologically COCCI are ………in shape.
a. oval b. spiral c. rod
5) which of the following is STRICT ROBES.
A. T.B     B. Tetanus        c. e.coli
6) which of the following is strict  AN AEROBES.
A. Tetanus      b. fusobactrium c. Both
7) Chose the Gram +ve cocci.
a. staph b. bacillus c. Nocardia                
8) Chose the Gram –ve cocci.
a. nesseria      b. klebsiella            c. salmonella
9) Chose the microaerophilic gram-negative rod.
A. Helicobacter b. Campylobacter    c. mycobacterium    d.      a and b
10) Chose the intracellular organism.
a. bartonella           b. chlamydia     c. Ricketts   d. all
11).suppose that a patient is diagnosed with a new disease caused by the buildup of waste material in the body’s cells. which organelle is most likely malfunctioning in the patient’s cells?
 a. Golgi apparatus b.  lysosome c. ribosome d.   endoplasmic reticulum
Answer key:
1).   a          2).      b           3).      a        4).    a          5).   a    
6).   c       7).   a     8).    a         9).   d             10). d

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