1. which organ is responsible for urea synthesis?                   a. Kinney b. liver       c. brain

2. which fluid plays an important role in the excretion of waste from the brain?

a. Cerebrospinal Fluid    b. Peritoneal Fluid

3. The evaluation test for the liver is? a. LFT b. RFT c. Amylase

4. which color has the highest wavelength?

         a. RED b. Green c.BLUE

5. The O-toluidine method is used to estimate?

         a. Glucose b. Creatinine c. Fructose

6. End product of Nitrogenous metabolism?

         a. urea b. NITROGEN c. uric acid

7.  Which enzyme is used to break the fat into glycerol?

         a. pancreatic lipase b. gastric juice c. saliva

8. which blood cell is used to transport oxygen in the body?                    a. Red blood cells b. White Blood cells c. Platelets                              9. Following the most commonly used clearing agents in the histopathology section?

a.Xylen b.Chloroform c. Cedarwood oil

10. Which fixative gives good nuclear preservation?

  a. Zenker fixative b. Helly Fixative

11. What kind of microtome is most commonly used in the Histopathology Laboratory?

 a. Rotary b. rocking c. Sliding

12. What is the thickness of the paraffine section for light microscopy?

        a. 5-8 nm b. 5-8 micrometer c. 3-4 mm

13. Most commonly use fixative is. ?

       a. 10% formalin b. Zenker c. Helley fixative

14. Chose the DNA virus?

 a. HIV  b. Hepatitis B  c. Hepatitis A

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16. Chose Transport media?

 a. Stuart media b. Robertson media c. L.J media

17. All of them are Lactose Fermenting except?

a. Salmonella b. E.Coli c. Klebsiella

18. Iodine use as …… in gram stain?

  a. Stain b. Decolourizer c. Mordent

19. Structural components that are found in the serum of patients in all virus diseases

 a. capsule b.  DNA /RNA   C. other

20.  CAMP test used to identify the…

a. Staph aureus b. Streptococcus epidermis. Neisseria 

21. Which of the following bacteria shows Voges Proskauer (Acetoin production) test positive.

a. Klebsiella b. E.coli  c. Streptococcus

22. What is the normal color of the Methyl red indicator in the methyl red stain, when the test is negative?

a. Yellow   b. Green c. Red

23. In order to create suitable hardness and consistency in tissue processing. The tissues are infiltrated by the 

a. paraffin wax,  b.  Formalin c. both

24. The Phenylalanine deaminase test is used to differentiate the

a. proteus b. Providencia  c. both




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Medical lab technician exam questions and answers

Q 1. two technicians were told to test a particular blood sample. one technician used a chromatograph, and the other technician used a hemacytometer. what could have been done to ensure that the technicians used the same test?

Q 2. In a centrifuged sample what fraction would contain erythrocyte antigens?

Q 3. when the nurse reviews the client’s laboratory reports revealing sodium, 140 meq/l (140 mmol/l); potassium, 4.1 meq/l (4.1 mmol/l); calcium 7.9 mg/dl (1.975 mmol/l), and magnesium 1.9 mg/dl (0.781 mmol/l); the nurse should notify the physician of the client’s:

Q 4._____ is a non-invasive method allowing the monitoring of the saturation of a patient’s hemoglobin.

Q 5. which of the following is not a safety precaution that should be practiced at home?

A. unplugging electrical appliances, not in use.

B. storing flammable materials in a cool place

C. turning off the television at night. not overloading outlets

Q 6. A client is experiencing fatigue and laboratory results reveal: hct 40% (0.40); hgb 8 g/dl (80 g/l); wbc 8000 (8 x 109/l); and platelets 175,000/ µl (175 ×109/l). the nurse would interpret these results as indicative of which diagnosis?

Q 7. Tony is diagnosed with acid reflux. this is a condition in which stomach secretions that contain hydrochloric acid or HCl, regurgitate (reflux) out of the stomach and into the esophagus.

Q 8.  Stomach secretions are very acidic with a ph around 2.0. the acids damage the esophagus and it is felt like heartburn. this painful condition can be treated with over-the-counter (otc) antacids. what do you think these antacids are?

Q 9. Which piece of histology equipment is not temperature-dependent. a. microtome b. cryostat c. embedding media

Q 10. Thirty-six colonies grew in nutrient agar from 1.0 ml of undiluted sample in a standard plate count. how many cells were in the original sample