In the Immunology test, you will explore your knowledge of immunology.

which of the following is not a function of antibodies

a. opsonization b. complements fixation  

1) Immunity has ……… basic types.
   a. two b. three                 c. four
2) Percentage of IgG in serum ……………..!
     a. 75%     b. 15%      c.  9%
3) B-lymphocyte function is…………………!
 A. Plasma cell differentiation      B. Memory cell synthesis           
C. Antibody production              D.  All
4) Which Immunity is specific for Microbes……….?
   a. Innate immunity b. Acquired immunity           c. both
5) Skin, mucosa, defensins, lysozymes, and the acid in the stomach as physical barrier included in
 a. Innate Immunity b. Acquired Immunity
6) Readymade Anti-body from donors injected inpatients (such as anti-snake venom injected in a snake bite victim)  are the type of ………immunity?
 A. Active immunity       B. Passive immunity   
7) Which immunity has high specificity?
   a. Acquired      b. Innate
8) which anti-body crosses the Placenta and transfers the mother to a newborn?
 A. IgG      B. IgM    C. IgD     D.     IgE
9) Which anti-body rise in blood during Parasitic and Allergic infection? 
      a. IgA b. IgG c. IgE d. IgM
10) Mantoux Test-specific diagnosis…infection!
a. Mycobacterium b. Staph c. Strept  
11) which of the following is not a function of antibodies?
a.  Fix complements b. Kill the pathogen inside the cell c. Cross the placenta 
12). Which antibody is called a Secretory antibody?
 a. IgA b. IgM c. Igd
13).  Which antibody is found on the surface of B. cells?
 a. IGA         b.IGM        C. IGD
14) Which antibody is specific for Hypersensitivity?
  a. IGA      b. IGM         c. IGE
15) primary immune response antibody?
 a.  IGM           b. IGG        c.IGA
16). secondary immune response antibody?
a. IGA        b.IGM        d.IGD
17). The immune response against helminths?
a. IGG synthesis b. IGA synthesis c.  IgE synthesis
18). Which antibody is only MONOMER in its shape?
 a. IGA     b. IGM      c.  IGD
19). Which anti-body is PENTAMER in structure?
 a.IGG          b.IGM      c.IGA
20). The antibody is……..globulin protein?
a. alpha b. Beta  c. gamma   
21). The function of the antibody is?
    a. opsonization b. complements fixation    c. both

Answer key:     

  1. a ,  2.   b,   3. d  ,4.  a ,  5.  a   6.  b  , 7.  a ,    8.  a,   9.   c  , 10. A.    11. B   12. A,  13.C 14. c   15. a  16. d 17. c 18. a 19. a 20. b 21. c
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