Multiple choice questions on parasitology (Parasitology mcqs)

1) Protozoa has ……….classes.
a. Two b. Three c. Four
2) which of the following is Intestinal parasites.
a. Entamoeba b. Naegleriac. Acanthamoeba
3) Plasmodium is the Species of ……..
a. Sarcodina b. Sporozoac. Ciliates
4) which of the Cestod causes Hydrated cyst?
a. Taeniab. Echinococcusc. Schistosoma
5) Incubation period of Plasmodium.Falciparum is……
a. 8-11 days b. 18-40 days c. Few months
6) A Diarrheal Stool sample came to the lab, you find spinning movement. What will be your diagnosis?
a. Giardiasis b. Ascariasisc. Ancyclostomiasis
7)A Patient came to the hospital with the following symptoms, Pneumonitis, loss of appetite,nausea, vomiting, and vague abdominal pain.What will be your diagnosis?
a. Ascariasis b. Giardiasisc. Ancyclostomiasis
8) Stool sample came to lab, you find football shape egg on microscope with a diameter of
50- 54 micrometer. What will be your diagnosis?
a. Giardiasisb. Trichuriasisc. Ascariasis
9) Plasmodium Falciparum completes his lifecycle in………..hours.
a. 45-hour b. 48-hour c. 40 hour
10) which Blood film used to identify the species of parasite?
a. Thick film b. Thin Film c. Both
11) Each of the following parasite is transmitted by mosquitoes except
      A. malaria    b. typhoid    c. Dengue
12) Each of the following statements concerning toxoplasma gondii is correct except
13) Pigs or dogs are the source of human infection by which parasites
14) Each of the following parasites is transmitted by flies except:
   a. Tripanasoma b. Schistosoma c. loa loa
15) Each of the following statements concerning sleeping sickness is correct except:
16) Each of the following parasites is transmitted by eating inadequately cooked fish or seafood except
A. tape worm   b. Ring worm  c. Giardia
Answer Key: 1. c2.a3.b4. b5.a6. a7.a8.b9. b10. a

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