There are the latest phlebotomy practice exam questions.

  1. The degree of agreement between repeated measurements is known as..!a. Specificity b. Precision c. Sensitivity
  2. The ability of an analytical method to exclusively determine the analyte that is claims to measure without reacting with other substances.
    a. Specificity b. Precision c. Sensitivity
  3. The average of series of values is known as……      a. Mean b. Standard Deviation c. Confidence Limit
  4.  The measure of variability around the mean expressed in percentage is………!   a. Co-efficient of variation (CV)   b. ConfidenceLimit
  5.  +2SD gives approximately …………Confidence limit.
       a. 68%   b. 95%       c. 98%
  6.  In Westward Multi Rule Chart 1,3 SD error mean. a. Technician error b. A and C   c. Rejection of that  batch due to random error
  7.  In L.J chart R-4 SD cause due to ……!
      a. Warning sign b. Random error c. Systematic error
  8.  In the lab, you have the following data mean=100, SD=2.5, CV=2.5% N=60.  What will be the confidence limit? Is it ok QC?          a. >95%      b. 68%      c. >98%    
  9. which error will be the warning sign in control data on L.J Chart?
      a. 1,2 SD     b. 2,2 SD            c. 1,3S
  10. On L.J Chart days indicate on x.axis while  Y.axis represents…………! a. Value    b. days c. Test
  11.  PH of blood is?  a. 7.0  b. 6.0  c. 7.4
  12.  Amount of blood in MALE is? a. 7 litter b. 8 litter  c. 5 litter
  13. Heam contains which component.? a. Iron b. zinc  c. Calcium
  14. which disease result in elevation of bilirubin ? a. jaundice  b. malaria  c. hepatits
  15. Which protein help in clotting process? a. Thrombin  b. fibrinogen c. fibrin  d. all
  16. When PH of decrease . it result in a. Hb reduc in blood  b. HB increased in blood
  17. When PH of blood increase. It cause ? a. Blood clotting  b. acidosis  
  18. RBC life spane is. a. 120 days  b. 110 days c. 90 days
  19. Which organ is called as the graveyard of RBC? a. liver  b. spleen c. kidney
  20. One many molecule of oxygen bind with one atom of Hemoglobin? a. 3  b. 4  c. 5
  21. Most soluble gas in the blood? a. CO2 b. CO c. O2
  22. What does Polycythemia result in? a. RBC increases b. WBC increase c. Platelets decrease
  23. WBC life span is?  a. 4 days b. 6 days c. 7 days
  24. Does Neutrophil protect against? a. bacteria b. virus c. fungus
  25. HIV first found in the USA in? a. 1981  b. 1990 c. 2000
  26. which piece of histology equipment is not temperature-dependent? a. microtome b.cryostate c. paraffine wax d. water bath 
  27. During the gram stain, _____ cells decolorize when the alcohol is applied. a. gram-positive b. gram-negative
  28. a separated serum that is dark yellow to amber in color is termed a. icteric b. lipemic c. jaundice

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