SGPT test normal range in male female and child, procedure

What is SGPT or ALT (Alanine aminotransferase) ?

Alanine aminotransferase  is an enzyme synthesis in liver. When liver damage due to some disease, it (alanine aminotransfrase) rises in the blood. Therefore SGPT or ALT test becomes necessory for liver diagnosis.  is also written in ALT form. It is important test for diagnosis of liver disease. 

Both ALT and AST (Aspartate amino transferase) hormone are helpful for liver diagnosis. ALT level rise more as compare to AST in liver cell damage . Therefore ALT  is more important then AST. 

Note: Before interpreting the report, it should be noted that, AST concentration aslo raise in heart and skeletal muscle disease.

SGPT test normal range for male, female

  1. ALT normal range (value)…….up to 35 to 40 U/L
  2. sgpt alt normal range for female …..  20 to 25 U/L
  3. ALT (g.p.t) normal value for male is…..  25 to 40
alt blood test normal range

SGPT blood test measuring procedure (ALT)

SGPT is mostly estimated by the fully automated analyzerIt can also be measured by a semi-automated chemistry analyzer by the Kinetic method.

ALT test procedure Requirements

 1) Sami automated chemistry analyzer
2) GPT reagent
3) Distill Water
4) Centrifuge
How is SGPT measured? stepwise.
  1. First, you should bring the reading of the chemistry analyzer to zero by aspirating distilled water.
  2. After centrifuging the sample and collecting serum (image 2) of the Patient in a test tube or cuvit.
  3. Add 500 microliter GPT reagents in the test tube then add 10 microliters of serum in the reagent (image 3).
  4. After mixing both, select the GPT test on the chemistry analyzer manually. Then aspirate this serum +GPT reagent mixture to the analyzer.
  5. Wait for a few minutes to complete the graph.
CLICK here for the test procedure. video

SGPT test calculation formula (ALT)

Alt is calculated by following formulas.

ALT= 1746 * Rate of change in absorbance

Note: 1746 is the factor


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  1. After finishing the SGPT test, we saw a result on the machine screen was that –
    Absorbance=.004 &
    C= 6.1
    What is the meaning of this value?
    What is the SGPT result?


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