Complete blood count normal ranges chart hematology (CBC test)

CBC stands for Complete Blood count‘. CBC test normal range uses to interpret the complete Blood of the patient. Complete Blood Count performs on hematology analyzers like mind ray, Sysmex, and more. 

  1. a. Hb (Hemoglobin): Hb amount indicates how much blood Contains Hb. More the Hb amount, more will be oxygenation capacity while less Hb amount body will have less oxygenation capacity
  2. b. RBC (Red Blood Cell): RBC synthesizes in bone marrow. Its

                             Normal amount is 4-11 *10^9 /L .

MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume) : Mcv indicate RBC size.    More MCV more will be size of RBC vice     Versa.

d. MCH (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin) : MCV  associated with  Average Hb concentration in the RBC. 

e. Lymphocytes: They are immune cells , which are synthesis in the lymph node and they are helpful for the protection against bacteria.

3. . Platelets: This cell helps the body to clot the blood on cut site. Low amount of platelets are called thrombocytopenia.(<150,000 per micro litter)


What are the Complete blood count (CBC) Parameters

Complete Blood count (CBC) consists of ten parameters. 
  • 1. WBC

Defferntial Leucocyte Count

  1. Lymphocyte
  2. Neutrophil
  3. Monocyte
  4. Eosinophil
  5. BasophiL

2. Red Blood Cells

  • HB
  • MCH
  • MCHC
  • HCT
  • MCV

3. Platelets

What is Complete blood count Normal Report 

WBC         4-11 *10^9                         

  1. Lymphocyte                                      25-35%                           
  2. Neutrophil                                         40-70%
  3. Monocyte                                          02-06%
  4. Eosinophil                                          02-06%
  5. BasophiL                                            00-02
  6.   HB                        M (13-17mg/dl)    F (12-16mg/dl)
Red Blood Cells                                    3.80-5.80 Mil/mm

  • MCH                                            25-35 pg
  • MCHC                                         32-36 pg
  • HCT                                             35-55%
  • MCV                                              75-100 fl

Platelets                                             150000-400000 Per the micro letter


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