The MPV blood test (Mean Platelet Volume) measures the average size of platelets in the blood.

Mpv blood test principle

The principle involves analyzing the volume of platelets present and calculating the mean or average size.

Mpv blood test procedure

  1. A blood sample is drawn from a vein, usually in the arm.
  2. The sample is then processed, and automated analyzers measure the size of individual platelets.
  3. The MPV is calculated based on the distribution of platelet sizes in the sample.

Mpv test Results Interpretation

Mpv blood test high mean

  • Mpv high indicate increased platelet production, possibly in response to inflammation, infection, or recovery from bleeding.
  • High mpv value also be associated with certain conditions like cardiovascular diseases.

Mpv blood test low mean

  • Mpv test value in the case of decreased platelet production or increased destruction.
  • Mpv value also decrease in aplastic anemia or immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

Here is the video of mpv blood test

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