What is the difference between Antibody VS antigen, antigen

Antigen vs antibody definition

This question is most asked and many students confuse in understanding the main difference between antigen and antibody.

Let’s start…

What is an antigen

Any substance which an internal part of the ( Autoimmune disease) or external substance, which stimulates the immunity of the host call antigen in the immunological term.


What is an antibody?

When an antigen enters the body, the immune system detects it as a reign body. as a response to that antigen. The immune system produces a specific substance for its defense. this substance is called Antigen. 


Note: Each AG has a specific AB

what is the difference between hepatitis b antigen and antibody?

There is a difference between Hepatitis b antigen and antibody is that the antigen is a foreign substance that enters the body in some way. The immune system of the host detects it as a pathogen and starts producing a specific substance against that antigen for its protection to that pathogen. 

In this case, Hepatitis b HBV, which is a DNA virus. When this virus enters the body, its surface protein act as an antigen. This antigen stimulates the immune system. As a result, antibody produces in the body. 

antigen vs antibody definition


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