Important Lab technician exam questions and answers pdf 

1. Haemophilus influenza: required X&V factor growth1. satellitism test: used for identification of HEMOPHILUS INFLUNZAE

2. Swarming motility show by Proteus species.

3. Lowenstein & Jensen media: used for M.tuberculosis

4. Mannitol salt agar: selective media for staphylococcus

5. Antibiotic-associated diarrhea: caused by clostridium difficile

6. Honeymoon cystitis: caused by staphylococcus saprophytic

7. concentration of Co2 in Co2 incubator: 5-10%

8. diameter of inoculating loop for urine culture: 2 mm it holds 1mc urine.

9. Diameter of inoculating loop for blood culture: 4 mm

10. Urinary Track Infection is most commonly caused by E.coli.

12. The concentration of blood in blood agar media is : 5-10%

13. Negri bodies: stain by seller’s stain

14. Nucleoid Stain/ fuelgen stain: specific for DNA

15. MHA: commonly used media for AST

16. coagulase test: used for identification of Staphylococcus aureus

17. the specific test for syphilis: Fluorescent treponema Ab.absoption test

18. AFB after ZN-staining saw: Red

19. vibrio cholerae is identified by the rapid string test.

20 . Giardia lamblia is also called “Grand old man” of the intestine.

21 . Pear-shaped/ badminton racket trophozoite seen in Giardia lamblia

22. Plasmodium falciparum caused by Cerebral malaria & blackwater fever

23. Trichinella spiralis: Found in muscle biopsy

24. the infective stage of E.histolytica: Quardinucleate cyst

25. Chyluria seen in wucherieria infection

26. Bence jones protein is present in : Multiple Myeloma

27. Neurocysticercosis is caused by: Taenia solium

28. Casoni test: detect Hydatid cyst

29. Barrel-shaped eggs: Trichuris Trichuria

30. Planoconvex eggs: E.Vermicularies

31. Bond shape trophozoite is seen in P. malariae

32 . Amastigote forms of Leishmania seen in MAN

33. Major immunoglobulin in the serum is  IgG.

34. Highest molecular weight immonoglobin is IgM.

35. Immunoglobulin which cross the placenta: IgG

36. C-Reactive Protein is synthesised by the liver.

37. Hormone detect in UPT HCG.

38. Germ tube test is done for: candida Albicans40) At room temperature Urine sample should be examined within……….mint.

a. 20 mintb. 30 mint c. 40 mintd. one hour
41) In the lab you need to examine the Protein of the patient. Which specimen sample you perform to diagnose on urine sample?
a. First Morning b. Random sample
c. Second Voided d. Post-Prandial
42) Polyuria term refers to when urine excretion is more than……… 24 hours.
a. 3000mlb. 30000mlc. 2000ml
43) In the lab you receive a urine sample. Which test did you perform for renal disease?
a. Proteintestb. Glucose test. Bilirubin test
44) Starch is found in the plant. It has a mixture of.
a. Amylose b. Amylopectin c.Both
45) Benedict Test used to diagnose the …..
a. Glucoseb. Bilirubin. Albumin
46) Bence Jones Protein (BJP) test is specific for the diagnosis of.
a. Multiple Myeloma b. Lymphoproliferative disease c. Both
47) BJ Protein precipitate at 60 C temperature and dissolve at ………..
a. 80 Cb. 100      C. 90  
47) Which preservative is used to preserve the urine sample for 24 hours to diagnose the Mycobacterium?
a. BRIC Acid b. Ethyl Alcohol c.Formalin
49) Phenylketonuria test used to diagnose phenylalanine in Cerebro Spinal Fluid, Blood. This disease is caused due to deficiency of hepatic ………….. enzymes.
a. Phenylalanine b. Phenylalanine Hydroxylate c. Both
50) The difference between serum and plasma is, serum lack.
     a. coagulation factors b. platelets c. Both
51) which of the Cestod causes Hydrated cysts? (Pasitology mcqs)
     a. Taeniab. Echinococcusc. Schistosoma

52) Mantoux Test-specific diagnosis for ………………infection!

        a. Mycobacterium b. Staph c. Strept  
53) Which antibody is only MONOMER in its shape? read more 
           a. IGA     b. IGM      c.  IGD
54) eGFR test used to assess the?
    a. CKD b. Liver disease c. Cardiac Disease 
55) which blood group is a “universal DONOR” ?
a. AB-positive b. O-positive c. O-negative d.  AB-negative
Answer KEY:    39.b   41. a    42.a  43.a  44.c   45.a  46.c   47.b  48.a   49 . C

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