The main difference between biotechnology vs medical lab technology

Biotechnology word consist of two words, Bio means Life, Technology means process. Biotechnology vs medical lab technology also mean biotech process the living things such as bacteria, fungus, animals, or human being to synthesis a product such as penicillin or other medicine for the treatment of fatal disease.

While lab technologist works in the clinical laboratory to identify the pathogen of a specific disease. After identifying, they use certain antibiotics for the treatment of that disease.

biotechnology vs medical lab technology

Medical lab Technology

It is the field of Allied health science. In this field, a specialized or trained person is produced. This specialized person is known as a lab technologist or laboratory scientist. This laboratory scientist works in the clinical laboratory of Hospitals.

He also performs his duty in different other labs such as forensic laboratories to find out the criminal. After completing their study Lab technologist performs their duty in food or water quality checking labs. 

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