polymerase chain reaction mcqs

What is a Polymerase chain reaction?

Polymerase chain reaction or PCR is a specific method used to synthesize millions of copies of DNA of specific pathogens. These pathogens can be bacteria or viruses.

The Polymerase Chain reaction consists of four steps. It is an enzymatic method for the detection of specific DNA in the sample.

 Which enzymes are used in the polymerase chain reaction?

Polymerase Chain Reaction consists of TAQ polymerase

  • which of the following is correct regarding the polymerase chain reaction test

         a. Quantitative method b.   Qualitative method

  • how many types of enzymes do the Polymerase chain reaction test contain?

         a.   two b. three   c. four

  • Which enzyme is heat stable?       a.  Taq polymerase b.  DNA Polymerase
  • who invented the polymerase chain reaction?              a.  Kary Mullis      b.    Jama Aden
  • Taq polymerase is isolated?             Thermus aquatics     
  •   DNA strand seprate at …. temperature ?

              >90        70C               80c

  • Primer is a?    a).  short DNA   b).   short RNA 
  • PCR is invented in?      a. 1983  b.  1989  c.  1885  

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