Compound microscope parts, function, magnification

Compound microscope parts label, function, magnification

The compound microscope is an optical instrument used for viewing very small things such as bacteria or fungi, from different samples like blood or urine. It magnified the image of the object several hundred times.

Here are the compound microscope parts labeled. There are three basic parts of a compound microscope as shown in the labeled diagram.

  1. Foot Piece
  2. Body Part
  3. Eye Piece 

1). FOOT Piece part of the Compound Microscope

  1. It forms the base of the microscope. Its main function is to provide the stability to the microscope. Light microscope incorporated in foot piece. 
  2. Its other function is to provide natural or artificial light that illuminates the objects. 
  3. Foot pieces contain two types of lenses. On the side contain a concave lens, which is used to illuminate objects when more light is required. while the other side contains a convex lens. This lens is used when less intense light is needed for object visualization.

2). Body part of Compound Microscope

  1. The body of the microscope is fixed in the Foot piece. 
  2. The body part is a basic part of the microscope which controls the intensity and size of the illuminating field. This feature is due to moving the condenser up and down and by an aperture of the diaphragm. 
  3. this part contains a nose piece, which holds the objective lens. 

3). Eyepiece microscope function

  • This is an important part of the microscope as for his function. It contains an eyepiece lens. Some microscope has one eyepiece it’s called monocular, while some microscope consists of two eyepieces, this type of microscope is called binocular
  • The magnification power of each Eyepiece lens is 10 x.  

labeled parts of Compound Microscope

Arm: This microscope part is mainly used for holding a microscope for transporting one place to another.

Stage: This part is used to hold slid. Light passes through it to the eyepiece. 

Base: t is used to fix the microscope during microscopy. It also contains a light source.

Body Tube: this part contains the eyepiece.

What is the light Source in a compound light microscope: Compound microscope contains a tungsten bulb as a light source. It is used to illuminate the object, which placed on the slide.

Magnification of compound microscope formula

Magnification is the power of a compound microscope to clearly visualize objects. Here is the magnification of the compound microscope formula.

Magnification formula = Eyepiece Power * Objective lens Power

Note: Eyepiece power is 10 X.

Example 1:

If we are using a low-power lens (Yellow line lens), Our magnification power will be.

Magnification = 10 * 10 = 100 X

Example 2: 

If we are using a DRY-high power lens (blue line lens), Our magnification power will be.

Magnification = 40 * 10 = 400 X

Example 3: 

If we are using an Oil emersion-high power lens (white line lens), Our magnification power will be.

Magnification = 100 * 10 = 1000 X

How to operate a Compound Microscope step by step

Here you will know how to operate a microscope step y step.

STEP 1:  Place the microscope on the level and vibration-free table.

STEP 2: Power on the light source. The plugin should not spark or lose.

STEP 3: The setting chair should be comfortable. It should be adjusted in such a way that the ‘s eye is directly on the eyepiece.

STEP 4: The microscope should be using Kohler Technique for optimum resolution. 

STEP 5: Place your forearm flat on the surface of the table during microscopy. 

Compound microscope parts

In this image, you can see labeled parts of the microscope. They are eyepiece, objective, head, stage, Mechanical stage, and more.

  • Eyepiece
  • Objective
  • Light Source
  • Mechanical stage
  • Condensor 
  • Stage controller
  • Fine adjustment knob
  • Base

how to calculate the low power magnification of a microscope ?

Magnification is calculated by the following formula.

Magnification= Eyepiece lens power * Objective lens power 

Low power lens has 4 X power, the eyepiece has  10 x power.  Here we calculate.

magnification= 4 * 10 = 40 X 

how to calculate the high power magnification of a microscope?

High power Magnification is calculated by the following formula.

Magnification= Eyepiece lens power * Objective lens power 

High power oil emersion lens has 100 X power, the eyepiece has  10 x power.  Here we calculate.

High magnification= 100 * 10 = 1000 X 

Multiple choice question and answer compound light Microscope

1.Microscope has__________________ basic parts?       

               (    two             three           four   )

 2. Magnification power of eyepiece ________?           

               (  40 X             1O X            4 X  )

3. Magnification power of dry-high power objective _______? 

       (   30X    40 X       100X )

4. If you are operating a microscope using an immersion lens. what will be magnification power? 

             ( 20,    1000,   100)

5. Stage function is ___________? 

           ( Fix microscope,      Hold slide)    

6. Which technique is adopted for optimum resolution? 

         ( Kohlat technique,        Roben Method,   other )   

7.Objective should be cleaned by ______?             

              (  Alcohol,   xylene )

8. Refractive Index of cedar wood oil is __________? 

                    ( 1.5      1.0    2.0   equal to air  )

9. Which oil is used to increase the magnification power of the microscope?

               ( Bam oil,   cedarwood oil, other )   

10. Cedarwood oil __________ magnification power of microscope?

       (increase, decrease, No effect on magnification )

11. The objective lenses of the compound light microscope are attached to the ..(.Resolving nose piece

12. when the scanning (4x) objective is used the total magnification will be.

     40 x      60 x     400 x     4 x

13. which objective lens provides the largest total magnification (Oil emersion lens)

14. which objective lens provides the least total magnification (Oil emersion lens)

15. what is the total magnification of the high power objective (1000 X magnification power)

16. what is the total magnification of the low power objective

       40            600                     1000

17. what is the total magnification of a microscope with a 5x eyepiece lens and 40x objective lens?

(200 X)

Answer Key  :

1. three      2. 10x     3.  40x      4.  1000      5.      Hold slide          6.   Kohler technique    7.     xylene       8.   1.5        9.   Cedarwood oil     10.  Increase 

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