Here is the Hematology exam questions and answers.

  • 1) RBC  diameter…   a. 7.2-micrometer b. 8-micrometer c. 6.2 micrometer
  • 2) Neutrophil has properties…….  a. 12-24 micrometer diameter b. 2-5 lobes c. purple granules d. All
  • 3) Lymphopoiesis mainly occurs in……  a. Node b. Spleen c. GIT     d. all
  • 4) Anemia caused due to decrease in  ……    a. Hb level b. Platelets level c. blood level
  • 5) ANEMIA has basically ……….types.                      a. two b. three         c. four   
  • 6) which metal participates in the coagulation process……     a. Calcium ions b. zinc ions c. phosphorus ions
  • 7) Thrombocytopenia mean…….  a. increase in platelet count b. the decrease in platelet count          c. both
  • 8) Hemophilia A occurs due to deficiency of …….factor.      a. Eight-factor b.  Factor Seven c. Factor five
  • 9) Christmas Disease occurs due to deficiency of….factor.      a. Factor eight b. factor nine    c.  factor seven
  • 10) which vitamin is necessary for the synthesis of factors X, II, VII, IX…?         A.  Vit- A     b. Vit-K           c. Vit-C
  • 11) two technicians were told to test a particular blood sample. one technician used a chromatograph, and the other technician used a hemacytometer. what could have been done to ensure that the technicians used the same test?  a.Use specific medical terms.  b.Use a limited amount of equipment.  c.Integrate training for lab technicians.  d.Integrate hard labs policies
  • 12) Bleeding time Test used to assess the ….function?   a. platelets b. RBC     c. WBC 
  • 13) Normal range of Prothrombin time (PT) is?  a. 12 seconds  b. 15 seconds c.  9 seconds
  • 14)  Which test is used to diagnose the Hemolytic disease of newborns.   a. CBC   b. Coomb test c. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  • 15) Which blood test is used to diagnose DENGUE fever.   a. Prothrombin time test b. Capillary fragility test c. Electrolytes
  • 16)  Red blood cells have……zeta potential Charge.    a. Positive b. Negative c. Neutral
  • 17) Thrombin time (TT) rise in case of.   a. Multiple myeloma b. Hypoalbuminaemia c.  Both
  • 18. Hess test used to check the ….. function.   a. RBC  b. WBC  c. Platelets
  • 19. In the DLC test, neutrophils percentage is about.   a. 50-60 %    b.  40-70%    c. 30-40%
  • 20) MCV (mean corpuscular volume) will be high in..   a. Microcytic anemia b. Macrocytic anemia c. Normocytic anemia
  • 21) Sickling test used to diagnose    a. Microcytic anemia b. sickle cell anemia c. Clotting factor deficiency.
  • which of the following vacutainer tubes is routinely used for hematology testing? a. purple colored b. red colored c. green colored

Answer key: 1. a 2. d 3. d 4. a 5. b 6. a 7. b 8. a 9. b 10.

Here’s the video of hematology exam questions answer

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