Important Hematology exam questions and answers PDF



1) RBC  diameter

   a. 7.2-micrometer b. 8-micrometer c. 6.2 micrometer

2) Neutrophil has properties…….

  a. 12-24 micrometer diameter b. 2-5 lobes c. purple granules d. All

3) Lymphopoiesis mainly occurs in……

  a. Node b. Spleen c. GIT     d. all

4) Anemia caused due to decrease in  ……

    a. Hb level b. Platelets level c. blood level

5) ANEMIA has basically ……….types.                 

     a. two b. three         c. four   

6) which metal participates in the coagulation process……

     a. Calcium ions b. zinc ions c. phosphorus ions

7) Thrombocytopenia mean…….

  a. increase in platelet count b. the decrease in platelet count          c. both

8) Hemophilia A occurs due to deficiency of …….factor.

      a. Eight-factor b.  Factor Seven c. Factor five

9) Christmas Disease occurs due to deficiency of …………….factor.

      a. Factor eight b. factor nine          c.  factor seven

10) which vitamin is necessary for the synthesis of factors X, II, VII, IX…?

         A.  Vit- A     b. Vit-K           c. Vit-C

11) two technicians were told to test a particular blood sample. one technician used a chromatograph, and the other technician used a hemacytometer. what could have been done to ensure that the technicians used the same test?

  a.Use specific medical terms.

  b.Use a limited amount of equipment.

  c.Integrate training for lab technicians.

  d.Integrate hard labs policies

12) Bleeding time Test used to assess the ….function?

   a. platelets b. RBC     c. WBC 

13) Normal range of Prothrombin time (PT) is?

  a. 12 seconds  b. 15 seconds c.  9 seconds

14)  Which test is used to diagnose the Hemolytic disease of newborns.

   a. CBC   b. Coomb test c. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

15) Which blood test is used to diagnose DENGUE fever.

   a. Prothrombin time test b. Capillary fragility test c. Electrolytes

16)  Red blood cells have……zeta potential Charge.

    a. Positive b. Negative c. Neutral

17) Thrombin time (TT) rise in case of.

   a. Multiple myeloma b. Hypoalbuminaemia c.  Both

Answer key:     1. a            2.       d           3. d         4.   a          5.  b      6. a  7.   b      8.  a         9. b      10.



18. Hess test used to check the ….. function.

   a. RBC  b. WBC  c. Platelets

19. In the DLC test, neutrophils percentage is about.

   a. 50-60 %    b.  40-70%    c. 30-40%

20) MCV (mean corpuscular volume) will be high in..

   a. Microcytic anemia b. Macrocytic anemia c. Normocytic anemia

21) Sickling test used to diagnose 

   a. Microcytic anemia b. sickle cell anemia c. Clotting factor deficienc

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