Using a microscope requires careful handling and attention to detail. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a microscope:

  • Prepare the Microscope: Ensure the microscope is on a clean, flat, and vibration free surface.
  • Turn on the light source. Adjust the intensity of the light as needed.
  • Place the slide on the stage ( beneath the objective lenses)
  • Rotate the coarse focus knob (the larger knob) to move the objective lens closer to or farther away from the slide.
  • Start with the lowest-power objective lens.
  • Use the stage controls (usually mechanical stage knobs) to center the specimen under the objective lens.
  • Adjust the light intensity and use the condenser to focus and concentrate the light on the specimen.
  • Once the specimen is in view, use the fine focus knob (smaller knob) for more precise focusing.
  • For higher Magnification, rotate the nosepiece to switch to a higher-power objective lens. Refocus using the fine focus knob.
  • After using turn off the light source. Rotate the nosepiece to the lowest-power objective lens.
  • Gently remove the microscope slide and clean it if necessary.
  • Wipe the lenses with soft cloth or tissue. Be careful not to scratch the lenses.
  • After properly cleaning, store it in a clean, dry place. Cover it to protect it from dust.

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