Clinical microbiology final exam quizlet Chapter 5-6

Here is the most important Quizlet of the microbiology final exam for medical students to refresh their knowledge.

  1. Chose the gram-positive bacteria. a. Neisseria, b. Klebsiella, c. Clostridium
  2. Free-living, Thick wall, cause abscess of skin. Characteristics of.  a. Streptococcus b. Staphylococcus c.  Bacillus
  3. Extracellular bacteria, thick wall, spore-forming aerobe Characteristics of. a. Clostridium b. Corynebacterium c. Bacillus 
  4. Gram-negative cocci are. a. Neisseria b. Haemophilus c. Bacillus
  5. Gram-negative, rod, Facultative, straight are the Characteristics of. a. Haemophilus b. Neisseria  c. Yersinia
  6. Respiratory gram-negative bacteria is. a. Bordetella b. Brucella c. Yersinia
  7. Zoonotic Organism is. a. Pasteurella b. boradetell c. E.coli
  8. Which bacteria cause typhoid fever. a. Proteus b. Salmonella c. Shigella
  9. What is the pathogenic factor of Peptic ulcer? a. Vario b. Campylobacter c. Helicobactor
  10. Q-fever caused by the ? a. Chlamydia b. Rickettsia c. Vario
  11. The causative agent of Diphtheria is.  a. listeria b. Nocardia c. Corynebacterium
  12. Chose important normal flora of the skin. a. Epidermidis b. E.coli c. Lactobacillus 
  13. Flexible, thin-walled cells (spirochetes), Lyme disease is the characteristics of. a.Treponema b. Borrelia c. Leptospirara
  14. Normal flora is the organisms that are the. a. Permanent resident of body b. Came outside c. Normal cells
  15. Yeast can be normal flora.  a. True b. false
  16. Commensals are. a. Get benefits from their host and cause damage to them b. Get benefits from their host but did no damage to them c. Free-living
  17. Important normal flora of colon is. A. e.coli b. Fragilis  c. Viridin
  18. An outbreak of post-surgical wound infection caused by staph aureus has occurred in the hospital. Use your knowledge of normal flora. Which of the following sites is the most likely location for staph aureus. a. Throat b. Nose c. Mouth 
  19. Staph aureus is present on the skin but the main site of it is. a. Colon b. Nose c. Mouth
  20. Which part of the body contains the highest number of flora. a. Mouth b. Stomach c. Colon

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