Thyroglobulin antibody

Thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb) is an antibody that the immune system produces against thyroglobulin, a protein found in the thyroid gland. Thyroglobulin is involved in the production of thyroid hormones.

Thyroglobulin antibody

The presence of TgAb in the blood can be a sign of autoimmune thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Graves’ disease.

TgAb levels is often done to help diagnose and monitor the both conditions and to assess the effectiveness of thyroid treatment.

High levels of TgAb can interfere with the accuracy of thyroglobulin blood tests used to monitor thyroid cancer, so it’s important to consider TgAb levels in such cases as well.

Thyroglobulin antibody range <1

When the thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb) level is reported as “<1,” it typically means that the TgAb concentration in the blood is below the detectable or reference range of the laboratory test.

this result is often interpreted as negative for the presence of TgAb. However, it’s important to note that some individuals with autoimmune thyroid disorders, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Graves’ disease, may still have low levels of TgAb that are below the detectable range of the test.

Therefore, a “<1” result does not necessarily rule out these conditions, and the clinical evaluation should consider other factors and additional thyroid function tests for a comprehensive assessment.

Thyroglobulin antibody 1.0 iu/ml meaning

A thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb) level of 1.0 IU/mL means that there is a detectable amount of TgAb in the blood at a concentration of 1.0 international units per milliliter (IU/mL).

This result indicates the presence of thyroglobulin antibodies in the bloodstream.

Elevated levels of TgAb can be associated with autoimmune thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Graves’ disease.

Thyroglobulin antibody range table

Here’s the table of Thyroglobulin antibody normal range table.

Thyroglobulin antibody (IU/mL)Interpretation
Less than 1.0 ul/mlTypically considered within the normal range
1.0 to 2.0 ul/mlLow positive, may suggest autoimmune activity
Greater than 2.0Moderately to highly positive, indicative of autoimmune thyroid disorder
Thyroglobulin antibody normal range table

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