Types of Histology stains – acidic, basic, neutral stains

Tissue staining is the second step after collection.Different tissues are colored.differently.There are three main types of histology stains. Specially prepared dyes are used for such staining purposes.

Such dyes are prepared by adding the cytochrome to a chromophore.

Note: Cytochrome is a compound when mixed with chromophore, forms a dye. This dye can be acidic or it can be a basic dye.

A chromophore is also a colored compound but it does not have the properties of the dye. Because a dye stains the tissue by binding at a specific point. 

NOTE: Mordant is a compound, which helps the dye in the binding mechanism.

3 main types of histology stains 

Following are their types.

  1. Acidic stains
  2. Basic stains
  3. Neutral stain

Acidic-Stain example- Histopathology

  1. Acidic fuchsin. It composes of rosaniline an acidic part while sodium (colorless) is basic. 
  2. Eosin: Most commonly using acidic stain.

What are the Basic-Stain in histology, for examples?

In this stain type, the acidic component is colorless while the basic component is colored.  Therefore basic components bind with the acidic part of the tissue-like nucleic acid.

Note: Imparted color is the shade of BLUE color.

Basic-Stain example- Histopathology

Hematoxylin is the most commonly used basic stain in the histology lab.


What are the Acidic Stain in histology, for examples?

In this stain type, the acidic component is colored while the basic component is colorless.  Therefore acidic components bind with the basic part of the tissue-like cytoplasm, protein.
Note: Imparted color is the shade of RED color.

what is a neutral stain?

When acidic and basic dye are mixed, a neutral dye is formed. It contains both colored components. It stains all components of tissue but in different colors.
An example of a Neutral stain is Romanowsky (Leishman stain)

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