Dha exam syllabus for lab technician

Here’s the overview of dha exam syllabus for lab technician that are typically covered in the DHA (Dubai Health Authority) exam for Laboratory Technicians.

Dha exam syllabus for lab technician

Keep in mind that exam content and syllabi can change over time, so it’s important to verify the most current information from the DHA website or official sources.

Here are the general topics that are commonly included in the DHA exam for Laboratory Technicians.

  1. Basic Sciences:
  • Knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics fundamentals relevant to laboratory work.
  • Understanding of anatomy and physiology, particularly related to the human body’s various systems.
  1. Clinical Chemistry:
  • Concepts related to biochemical tests, including blood chemistry, urine analysis, and various diagnostic procedures.
  • Knowledge of chemical principles used in clinical laboratory tests.
  1. Hematology
  • Understanding of blood cell morphology and the ability to perform blood cell counts.
  • Knowledge of various blood disorders and their diagnostic criteria.
  1. Microbiology
  • Bacteriology, virology, mycology, and parasitology, including the identification of microorganisms and the interpretation of culture results.
  • Sterilization techniques and laboratory safety protocols.
  1. Immunology and Serology:
  • Principles of immunology and serological tests, including antibody-antigen reactions.
  • Knowledge of diagnostic tests for infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders.
  1. Clinical Microscopy:
  • Examination of body fluids and tissues, such as cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid, and histological sections.
  • Use of microscopes and related laboratory equipment.
  1. Quality Control and Laboratory Management
  • Understanding of quality assurance, laboratory management, and quality control procedures.
  • Laboratory safety protocols and regulations.
  1. Medical Ethics and Regulations
  • Knowledge of ethical and legal standards relevant to healthcare and laboratory work in the UAE.
  1. Instrumentation and Technology
  • Familiarity with laboratory instruments and technology used for diagnostic testing.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of laboratory equipment.
  1. Patient Interaction:
    • Interpersonal and communication skills when interacting with patients, as laboratory technicians may occasionally need to collect samples directly from patients

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